Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by.

About Me: MaryMy name is Mary, and I would like to start by being open and honest with you! I am a tea lover and a travel enthusiast. I travel mostly through-out the British Isles and Europe. And I always have a cup of loose leaf tea in my hand while taking in the sites or mingling with fellow travellers and locals alike. As an avid tea drinker, I enjoy tasting different tea flavours and expanding my knowledge of tea flavours and my tea collection in my pantry. As a travel enthusiast, I love everything about travelling. From the early stages of planning a trip to setting your feet back on the ground when returning home, to everything else in between, you name it; I love it! As my favourite quote by Martin Buber states: “All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveller is unaware.”

Growing up in a small farming community gave me plenty of time to allow my imagination to soar. My head has always been in the clouds, dreaming of far off places, people and different adventures. My great aunt Evie would share her travel stories with me. My aunt Doreen would take my brother and me on holiday and visit places across Ontario and Quebec, only adding fuel to my passion. As I grew older, my desire to travel only deepened. In summer 1999, I travelled to throughout New York state and Massachusets with my mom. From that moment, I realized the “travel bug bit me,” and I knew I wanted to travel the world.

I studied travel and tourism and worked as a travel advisor for eight years. In doing so, I was researching a wide range of different destinations, travel styles, and more. As I worked in the office, my passion for writing and photography only deepened, and I longed to get out and see some of the exciting places I was sending my clients to. When a family tragedy stuck in 2014, I knew it was time to leave the agency deep down. Although I continued to work as an advisor, my heart was no longer in it. After three years of struggling with the pressures of personal matters and the stress of my career, I decided to leave and focus on family.

After leaving the agency, it gave me more time to focus on my family, writing, and photography hobbies. I discovered a new side hobby as well. I found I enjoyed taking my photo memories and turning them into mini videos and other unique souvenirs to share with my friends. My love of travel quickly returned. Armed with the knowledge as an advisor, a passion for writing, photography and a love of tea, I decided why not write a blog and share my passions with an audience.

When I’m not travelling and drinking tea, you will find me working at Superburger/Supercoffee as a barista. I continue working on my blog, photography skills, writing style, planning future trips and more. So grab a cup of tea and follow along as I explore this amazing world of ours as I share my stories & photos and feel inspired to travel this vast and wonderful world.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Mary – Travelling Baroness